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Coronet  Effect


In 1936 M.I.T. physics professor Harold Edgerton created an ultra high-speed photograph he named “Milkdrop Coronet” in it, a single drop of milk causes a “coronet”  (an expanding ring) of 25 distinct droplets to explode up simultaneously ( thus the “coronet”)  from the surface of the milk bowl encircling the point of impact of the larger drop. One large event, the milkdrop in this example, causes many smaller events. This is the Coronet effect. A cue ball striking another ball or two would not be an example of the coronet effect. One cause-one effect is not coronet causality. A coronet is not a cascade. The resulting smaller events do not cause one another to occur nor do they initially interact with one another. they are all caused by the single large event not by one another. When the droplets forming the coronet fall back into the medium from which they sprang, they DO begin to interact with one another but not in mid-air to any noticeable degree other than via quantum spook.

Example of Coronet Effect:  A mountain of copper and gold deep in the jungle of Irian Jaya ( Western New Guinea) is slated for mining, the big drop. The following list of droplets are coronet effects:

  1. marginalization of Indonesian leader Sukarno by C.I.A.
  2. JFK assassination
  3. ascendancy of LBJ
  4. dislocation of indigenous mountain tribes
  5. the Vietnam War
  6. a prospering U.S. mining company

A coalesce is the opposite of a coronet. A coalesce occurs when several separate events combine to create a single, larger thing, a whole larger than its parts.  Twelve equal segments of TNT in an atom bomb explode simultaneously in order to drive two previously separated chunks of plutonium together detonating the plutonium causing an  explosion  magnitudes larger than the sum of the 12 segments of TNT.

Consider the work of the following geniuses coalescing to form Postmodernism from an aging Modernism ca 1912, the year the Titanic sunk-symbolic !: Mieles( motion pictures), Wright Brothers ( pitch, yaw, roll), Frank Lloyd Wright ( asymmetric balance of form and space), James Joyce ( stream of consciousness) , Isadora Duncan (anti-baroque free dance), Tesla ( AC current, radio waves ), Braquasso ( Braque and Picasso roped together like climbers on Mt. Cezanne inventing Cubism i.e. Cezanne for Dummies) Einstein- deconstructing Newtonian mechanics, Schoenberg-atonal music composition, Edison-recorded sound, Duchamp- redefinition of capital “A”  art. The emergence of the Postmodern zeit, a colossal paradigm shift is a reverse coronet, 12 smaller drops coalesce  into a single culture-wide drop of zeit-welt (zeitgeist-weltanschauung) characterized by uncertainty, ambiguity, complexity and contradiction. The ultra-democratic rhizome appears counterbalancing all things of The Descended Grid, The Enlightenment Project i.e. The Modern, symbolized by Charles Darwin’s branching tree.

The 1857 Dred Scott decision of the U.S. Supreme Court, Chief Justice Roger Taney presiding,  had a vast Coronet effect as it initiated the reification of the key assertion of  the Declaration of Independence:  “All men are created equal”: The U.S. Supreme Court decision is the big coronet drop causing the following droplets: The Civil War, the 13th, 14th, 15th Amendments to the U.S. Constitution, Reconstruction, Jim Crow era, contemporary African-American struggle for justice.

The emergence of bilateral symmetry from radial symmetry in animals was a coronet event. Once the “decision” was made for bilateralism in Cambrian fishlike organisms, a cornet of causality followed; now every animal has a left side and a right side; a front and a back and with that -implied velocity ( motion with direction). The birth of the idea in animals of action over stasis – advantage is immediate and widespread –  the Cambrian Explodes. There is oscillation from drop into droplets creating the coronet and from droplets into single drops creating the coalesce. What is the connection between the coalesce: Picasso and his fellow geniuses launching Postmodernism and the coronet of the Dred Scott Decision & aftermath?  Do phenomena comprising a coronet often coalesce and vice versa? Is droplet formation from a single drop always energy dissipating? Does coalescence always require energy input? Is there more coroneting or coalescing in nature? The eukaryotic cell is a coalescence of previously free-floating microorganisms, higher animals are a coalescence of organ systems and of other organisms ( bacteria and viruses). Are coronet-coalesce events like waves or like yin-yang, chicken-egg, object-shadow dualities, one automatically implying the other?  Will a cornet always be a part of a coalesce? Every wave has a trough and a ridge. It is not that one causes the other but that they are two parts of the same thing. If you drop a rock in a pond causing a coronet, the droplets will coalesce upon impact causing waves. Life on Earth is a coronet,  plants, animals and microorganisms are droplets in gradient reduction theater to be followed, in billions of years, by coalescence back into singularity.

Coronet-coalesce oscillation  in human affairs follows the same rules of causality as seen in larger and smaller arenas of the natural world,  from intergalactic events to sub-atomic activity. This explains why we get nervous when good things happen and why most believe it is darkest before the dawn. A pea-brain squirrel knows that a pile of nuts is too much of a good thing and will run away if it encounters such an unnatural cluster of seductive goodies on a fence rail. Humans set traps for one another using this universal causal logic. Buy this car, see this movie, eat this food, drink this alcohol-The Big Drop, and a coronet of good things will ensue….not…. as car and other payments coalesce into a stack of bills each month.

People, at times, mistake a big drop as the final outcome unmindful of the coronet effect. The conspirators behind five years of Dred Scott shenanigans: Roger Taney, James Buchanan, Franklin Pierce and Stephen Douglas,  believed they were solving the slavery problem once and for all by ensuring the survival of slavery via federal law. Their One Big Drop: a Supreme Court judgement. This One big drop created many droplets spreading effects in all directions. In some cases droplets grow into big events spawning a new generation of effects both positive and negative.

Around the locus of 1912 there was one big Western Culture-wide drop with 10 subsequent droplets, one each in physics, biology, politics,  painting, dance, fiction, music, electricity, manned flight, and architectural space, each droplet creating its own path of events and subsequent droplets over and over dissipating energy and adding complexity all the way. Looking at the paradigm-shifting drop of 1912 ( initiating our Postmodern world) one can follow a single droplet such as Duchamp’s reinvention of capital “A” art and follow this capital “A”  Art droplet  through several generations of art innovation revealing a “bouncing ball” pattern.

Questions and Theories:

  1. Is every big drop at the center of a coronet also a small drop from an even larger coronet event?
  2. Is the human capacity for written language coded in genes or by some RNA modification?
  3. JBT – Human epigenetic machinery such as MYSM1 does not distinguish between creating a new molecule to battle an invading microbe from creating a new molecule to transmit a byte of experience ( emotional or rational) language, music, math. It’s all the same. The DNA-gene making machinery will sort it out over time i.e. encode or discard. New stuff gets a trial period of perhaps a few thousand years or millions when the new feature is encoded in DNA or discarded onto evolution’s trash heap.
  4. Jared Diamond in his Pulitzer Prize winning bestseller ( over one million copies sold) refers many times to “human evolution” to describe cultural developments that led to language, guns and steel stuff, sidestepping the fact that all human “progress” i.e. development of the past 50,000 years has emerged from the same neocortical gene group not from any human evolution in the Darwinian sense with ‘evolution’ meaning change to the human genome i.e. changes to nucleotides as they sit on strands of human DNA. One might say that humans have, over time, learned to use their inflated neocortices to greater effect as they learn from one another and store information in myth, tradition, libraries and social patterns learned by children. Diamond wants it both ways: to claim that societies evolve in a Darwinian sense while asserting in his main thesis,  that we humans are not differentiable genetically from one another as if humans the world over would have all changed in evolutionary terms ( unlike any organism ever)  into identical phenotypic expression from an identical genotype. In Diamond-speak, societies evolve while humans all remain the same genetically i.e. share the same brain. One excuses Diamond- logic in light of its time of writing in mid-1990s when epigenetics was simply discredited Lamarckism and not the established science it is today.
  5. The very large human neocortex is a big evolutionary  coronet drop caused by the mutation of a single gene. This increased brain capacity has resulted in so many useful coronet droplets in our struggle for survival such as language, tool making, social complexity, animal/plant domestication that it appears so far to be a mutation worth conserving. The big brain is in its infancy in geological time.
  6. Jared Diamond juggles different meanings of the word evolution. His topic employs much life-science evidence where evolution has a strict meaning related to mutations in DNA affecting an organism’s genome-genotype-phenotype. He uses the term evolution interchangeably: formal – informal. the informal meaning is  far more casual meaning simple change for the better or change itself with no connection to actual modifications to nucleotides. This may seem trivial but when Diamond’s thesis revolves around his assertion that all humans the world over have no discernable  genetic differences that might be the source for vast differences in language acquisition, tool use, plant / animal domestication, social complexity, war-making capability, it becomes important to point out Diamond’s essential fuzziness in his definition of evolution. He likes it fuzzy. This fuzz is essential to Diamond’s thesis. Twenty years of epigenetic science blows away fuzz. There may be thousands or millions  of heritable pathways to cultural complexity and these may or may not involve DNA ( rather than RNA, histones, proteins etc).
  7. True evolution versus accrued human culture. There was a single evolutionary event – the big brain mutation, all else is not evolution but the much simpler “change” Many things change without evolving.  The stuff of culture changes it does not evolve. Aircraft changed from biplanes to supersonic jets they didn’t evolve. If Guns, Germs, And Steel is based upon biology-living things such as people and their culture then Diamond’s thesis: “The ubiquitous role of geography in the transmission of human culture” evaporates. Epigenetic change accrues immediately as well as over a few thousand years and contributes, along with geography to cultural diversity.  Diamond asserts the reason that one culture has all the cargo is strictly geographic happenstance; in light of the past 20 years of genetic research, this is not so.
  8. Diamond and many anthropologists list several societies that did not invent writing. Perhaps these societies invented writing AND paper thus any evidence has decayed into dust say: animal blood ( ink) on animal skin ( paper) both organic and gone in 100 years let alone 3,000 to 5,000 years. Maybe not all societies wrote on rocks or into wet clay. Diamond relies too heavily on anthro dogma on the subject of writing as a marker for place in time or time in place.
  9. To study: The relationship between risk-taking behavior of Western peoples induced by Toxoplasma gondii parasites as cysts in neocortex due to association with domestic cats and Western  dominance of Third world  indigenous peoples.
  10. The chicken-egg heuristic is exhausted – use yin-yang simultaneity that accelerates or slows, as in autocatalysis. Autocatalytic def: A process that speeds up over time at an increasing rate.
  11. Entropic thermodynamic theory-gradient reduction as causality for increased social complexity with war serving a cosmic compulsion toward stasis through growth of living things: plants, animals, empires.
  12. Did humans migrate from the Olduvai Gorge across what is now the South pole into Australia then on up to China when the Earth was oriented differently on its axis, when the equator was plus or minus 90 degrees from its present location? – no
  13. Jared Diamond discusses language in an historic manner using it to trace the migration of races across continents and oceans and islands. Language is treated as one now treats genetics as a means of establishing primacy in a locale. In Saussurean terms, this is diachronic linguistics. To study language laterally in terms of grammar and syntax and its neurological origin is synchronic. Noam Chomsky is a synchronic linguist.
  14.  We spend our lives trying to close the gap between what we know intuitively ( a lot !) and what we are surrounded by in the real world (our lot in life, Lalena) with its thin crust of the whole pie of life and other things. Humans who get all peaceful and dreamy believing they have closed the gap between self and cosmos have simply learned to modulate hypothalamic flow of serotonin reuptake inhibitors.
  15. Was Dred Scott a hired double-agent of Southern slave interests led by “Dough Face” president John Buchanan manipulated to create a case that would ensure the perpetuation of slavery in the U.S.?

“Authority has a nose of wax, it can be twisted in either direction.”

                                                                                       -Alain de Lille


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Squid Rasslin’


In Tim Burton’s 1994 feature film “Ed Wood” Martin Landau, playing silent screen legend Bela Lugosi, enters a dark “swamp” and dramatically, feverishly rassles a rubber squid into submission for a B-movie film crew. A faux opponent is subdued after an exaggerated struggle.

Squid Rasslin’ – definition: To drag a trivial or misconstrued opponent into your arena and proceed to dismantle it point by point in front of your rapt, admiring audience. A favorite argumentation trope of Stephen Jay Gould, Richard Dawkins and Jared Diamond.

Bout #1     Richard Dawkins is Stephen Jay Gould’s rubber squid in Gould’s 1,300 page rasslin’ match, The Structure of Evolutionary Theory.  A gene in its place on a chromosome is a string of inert goop, a slime library with a spatio-hierarchio-taxonomically remote, though vital, role in evolutionary, as opposed to biochemical, outcomes in the cell and not a warrior in the animal-scale arena of natural selection fighting against environmental forces including conflict with members of the same species for food and sex.

The gene, as it rests as a long sequence of nucleotides forming a small link of either the left or right strand of the interminably long DNA molecule, is like a lounging odalisque in the steambath fastness of the palace, far from the essential action of evolution. This gene lays about waiting to be courted-transcripted by the ever-active RNA. If any component of heredity is selfish or altruistic or manifesting any anthropomorphized quality, it is RNA, busy as a bevy of beavers throughout much biochemical intracellular activity. To assign evolutionary primacy to this layabout gene can now be seen as an error borne of a dearth of information at the time of its writing. That SJ Gould saw fit to rassle this Dawkins gene-meme squid for 350 of 1,300 pages in his masterwork appears to be the result of professional annoyance at being upstaged in the arena of public opinion.

Both SJ Gould and Dawkins trying their damndest to put a dent in Darwin’s key notion of the primacy of the individual organism in the struggle for survival in natural selection. Dawkins likely inspired by an avalanche of early 1970s genetic research that gave the gene star quality. Dawkins celebrating the gene is like Norman Mailer and Andy Warhol valorizing Marilyn Monroe – low hanging celebrity fruit.

Gould writes at enormous length and passion trying to sell us his argument to unseat iconic, entrenched, musty old godhead of bioscience-religion-popular discourse, Charles Darwin. Gould’s 1,300 page argument for the species as the key actor in natural selection rather than Darwin’s individual is feverishly opposed to Dawkins’ gene-centered causality. Charles Darwin would have been easily convinced by either Gould’s or Dawkins’ elaborate, informed arguments but STOP !  All three of you are wrong !  It is busy little RNA molecules in their role not only in transcription and translation of proteins – standard Neo-Darwinist central dogma, but the role of RNA as a hitchhiker in meiosis-mitosis carrying its small collection of books ( information coded as sequences of nucleotides but not yet encoded into cell’s DNA books) that are separate from the DNA library at chromosomes. RNA carries provisional manuscripts in the process of auditioning for inclusion into the DNA code at some point. This RNA carries new ideas from recent life experience, experience not yet coded in the genome at chromosomes but actively carrying new information from one life into a new life to be translated into new proteinic configurations and new neuronal ideas. Ideas, emotions, skills, fears, and blisses carried by phosphorylated RNA molecules into fetal minds to grow with the newborn child-adolescent-adult. New ideas that might someday be encoded in DNA as a new gene or discarded after a few hundred generations as a fad, a disposable meme, a situational feature not to be conserved for the duration.

Of course it is not fair to look back at a 30 year old rasslin’ match and judge it as disingenuous. It appears today that Gould and Dawkins were only rasslin’ in light of an intervening avalanche of genetic research,  but it was a death-match at the time in the late 1970s.

Bout #2   Jared diamond in his million-selling Pulitzer Prizewinning book Guns, Germs and Steel,  asserts that human genetics re: intelligence played no part in the devastation of indigenous peoples by Europeans from the 17th century onward.

“We have now traced how food production arose in a few centers and how it spread at unequal rates from there to other areas. Those geographic differences constitute important ULTIMATE (my bold) answers to Yali’s ( Diamond’s inquisitive friend, a New Guinea remote mountain tribesman) question about why different peoples ended up with disparate degrees of power and affluence.”  p.195

In his chapter “Apples Or Indians” Diamond  sets up one of his big rubber squids when asserting that the “failure” of indigenous people in several agriculture-friendly parts of the globe to produce their own crops and domesticate local animals is a problem in the first place. he writes: “Problems with the local people” “Problems with local wild plants” “Problems with big local wild animals” The biggest problem for the Native Americans of the West Coast in Diamond-speak is that there was no problem. They had plenty of food, plenty of space and had no need to domesticate any wild plants or animals. Life was just dandy. Writing in 1996 with 150 years of 20-20 rear-view vision, Diamond wrestles his rubber squid in assigning “problems” where there were none at the time.  How is an Indian tribe supposed to know that at some point in the future white men with their guns, germs and steel are going to arrive? A foundational cause of natural selection is that there is no intention on the part of the player. The individual ( microbe, monkey or tribe) lays its phenotype on the table and nature takes its course. A devastating problem in one historical outcome might be the key to survival in another – time will tell.

To look back in time at the peoples of the world and assign problems is to grossly misunderstand the essence of Darwinian dogma. Modern civilization with its guns, germs and steel might go up in nuclear smoke someday and the ways of the Salish tribe of Puget Sound may revive and prevail for another 100,000 years. One of Diamond’s big problems is his lack of understanding of the notion of geological time, its vastness and the incredible slowness, the equilibrium of much of evolution. He confuses, throughout his book, cultural changes in human populations with evolutionary changes and he speaks throughout of cultural innovation as evolutionary developments as if Modern Man has reached some sort of high point and shreds and shards of devastated indigenous peoples are left in the “evolutionary” dust. Certain populations have learned to use their unique ( to mammals and all life) giant neocortex in additive ways, some have been more modest in creating rhizomic spectacular networks. To look back on only 5,000 years of human change and hand out gold stars is premature and typically human. If Diamond could not rassle this rubber squid there would be no book.

Guns, Germs and Steel reads like one of those Ivy League brainiac stock analysts in 1998 railing against the idiots who are not sinking their life savings into Dot Com investment opportunities. The book is a thorough explication of missed opportunity and unfortunate circumstance  that may easily turn out to be wisdom. One million years is the blink of an eye in species evolutionary terms.The fat lady has yet to sing.

JB Russell’s Teapot: Differing accumulation of patterns of use for our identical human neocortical neuron DNA package has generated global  race bias. Neocortex imprinting for the exploitation of social networks, farming and technical innovation is inherited by mechanisms separate from DNA and conserved genes.  All races share 100% of the human genome thus there is very little difference at genes but there is what, in human terms, turns out to be much difference from accrued heritable transmission of acquired characteristics. Race bias via Lamarckism. Diamond wrestles a lot of squid to assert otherwise. Human populations along Diamond’s highly touted and bountiful East-West geographic axis stores different epigenetic data and it is additive thus it becomes easier for their descendants to learn about the matters that have become important – social stratification and steel stuff. Storing and sharing data on a widespread uber-tribal, pancultural level. Whole populations of American men build train sets and model airplanes independent of any societal demand for their effort – it is in their RNA.

Professor Diamond tries hard using his palette of logical fallacies and cognitive biases to reinforce academically fashionable, dogma-infused assertions in order to erase race. If one is going to erase race as a parameter of social “evolution” one must dissipate fog not thicken it. Behind every bold unproven assertion ( Russell’s Teapot) lurks a slippery squid. Professor Diamond is a subtle and astute politician and a scientist with a big bag of tropes and tricks.

Some other questionable tropes of argumentation:

  1. Metaphor Stretch:  To use a metaphor that disguises the nature of your subject in order to give your dialectical dog more heft in the discourse ( fight).  Dawkin’s use of oarsmen ( in 8-oared modern racing shells as seen at the Henley Regatta) for his gene- actors racing for effect on the river of evolution when in actuality genes lay about like obese whores in chromatin goop with their fat thighs spread waiting for the messenger RNA to snatch information and carry it away through a nuclear pore to a waiting ribosome for translation into a functional protein.
  2. Flogify: To beat one’s point into submission using copious, often specious detail, arcane-archaic-biblical-Shakespearean-latin language, obscure scientific papers and endless repetition.
  3. Hotdogify:  Stuffing filler that is void of nutrients into a skin of assertion wrapped in a fluffy bun of statistics lacking food value. The stuffing often involves devious tricks decipherable only by insiders, shell games, obscure scientific papers mixed-matched-switched-clumped together in mandelbrotian abandon.
  4. Gould’s Glu-Stik: the opposite of Occam’s Razor. When using the Stik, one rarely passes up an opportunity to add adjectives, pronouns, sentence fragments, whole long sentences filled with redundant adjectives, paragraphs, additional entire book sections wherever possible. To always use the word with the most letters.

JB Questions:

  1. How many people have both autism and schizophrenia? Of these, how many are math, art or language savants? Perhaps the first cohesive human languages were assembled, articulated, sussed out by individuals who had contracted schizophrenia from domesticated cats in ancient Sumeria or Mesoamerica. Who but a savant could ever comprehend all of the variables of a language from scratch? Who but a schizophrenic would even try?
  2. Does the message of successful politicians penetrate into our brainstem ( a brain area shared by all mammals-source of visceral, primitive, reflexive response)  bypassing the uniquely human neocortex; a brain area  containing our higher faculties of reason? The brainstem is the source of our primal instincts regarding territory, dominance, charisma, boldness. It ignores policy details and rationality as the stuff of egghead losers.
  3. War is melted religion
  4. History is not the heart of culture ( as proposed by Guy Debord in “The Society of the Spectacle” as if it might also be the kidney or the liver or even the brain of culture. History is culture – culture is history. Culture drifts to the bottom of Life Lake and accrues in layers of sediment, layers that interact with one another swapping influence sending thermal vents (information) up through the sediment: Language written and spoken, kinship structures, social mores, Christianity, Marxism, Darwinism, and Capitalism are all powerful vents; warming-feeding-poisoning. There is a taxonomy, a hierarchy of these convection engines  around which the culture of an historical moment ( say the 1960s) assembles. In Saussurean terms: synchrony is the the lateral consideration of a single layer; diachrony is the historical consideration of many layers and their effect on one another.
  5. Wisdom is distilled truth. Truth is situational depending on-referring to-inspired by-paying obeisance to –  its operative paradigm. Wisdom encompasses three paradigms simultaneously: past, present and future.
  6. The cultural calibration of time is a marker of human social evolution-devolution. In 2015 at the beginning of the digital epoch we are ruled by the nanosecond and in 2025 it will be the femtosecond. In the bronze age it was phases of the moon. in the 19th century time was measured in days. In the early to mid 20th century it was hours and from 1950 to 1970 it was minutes and then seconds until 1990.
  7. The inseparable, contiguous, spectacular continuity of private, public and political life is rolled into one at the toilet bowl – vote with your ass; The exigencies of public utilities: sewer and water are primary and they even rule our rulers – the oligarchy and their puppets holding elective office. Roads, bridges, tunnels, railroads, airports are secondary and the tertiary are the public spectacles of sports, entertainment, internet, radio, books and magazines.
  8. Were seed dispersal and germination changes in domesticated foodstuff such as wheat, from its wild state pre-9000 BC to its contemporary state,  genetic changes i.e. changes in base pairs at plant’s DNA or were these changes, that are called “evolutionary” by Jared Diamond,  epigenetic? i.e. changes to plant’s RNA or to other heritable nuclear proteins?
  9. How can physicists know anything with such certainty re: isolated mathematics ( see: Stephen Hawking chalkboard calculations on black holes)? I can add 2+2 and see by the equals sign on my chalkboard  that 2+2 equals 4,  but 4 what? I know nothing-zip-nada-nil about 4 of anything – is it 4 pounds, 4 planets, 4 galaxies, 4 quantum strings, 4 adjacent universes or 4 dimensions? What does Hawking’s chalkboard full of equations really tell anyone? Are we simply projecting imagined, wished for results on a gassy mathematical matrix?
  10.  Social thermodynamics – cultural convection: the rich get richer, the poor get poorer.
  11. Reflection on evening news: Parricide as gradient reduction between sybaritic, self-absorbed wealthy parents and lost late adolescent son –  unanchored, flop in school, filled with festering anger, sexually frustrated, no developed talent, over indulged as a child, access to guns – BOOM! BOOM! Out go the lights.
  12. What are the economic uses  of Christianity’s conceptual trope of  “The Last Judgement” on commodity Capitalism? i.e. the “Time’s-A-wastin’” The end is near  “Better get crackin’” “Time is money” “Plow deep while sluggards sleep” usefulness. What are the advantages to the majority of Christian believers of this Religio-Economic yin-yang?
  13.  Does any form of RNA travel outside of its own cell in order to influence another cell of its own type or a cell in a different organ system? i.e. might  liver cell RNA travel via the blood stream into a heart cell or a neuron where it plays a role at its new home in protein synthesis or regulation?

If you have a large point to make – find a squid and rassle it.


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Dutch Hairbrush


Note to reader: In this essay I am going to mimic Pulitzer Prize-winning author-educator Jared Diamond’s writing trope of stringing together bold unprovable assertions as if they were fact mixed with accepted knowledge for easy access reading and fun !

When American Founding Father John Adams arrived in Holland in 1782 to negotiate a loan to cover expenses incurred by The Revolution, he noticed that Dutch mothers  were beating their boys more often than seemed necessary. Why the excessive Dutch corporal punishment? What forces of human natural selection are in play in this intrademic child abuse?

By damping the Dutchboy spirit with hard hairbrush handle across the bottom,  the Dutch mother creates an obedient young animal that learns his place in the social order;  she is simultaneously creating a spiritual-psychological demon in this boy that will radiate a grudge against the world to be exercised and perhaps exorcised in faraway lands as the boy becomes a man sailing out into the world to fight, conquer, dominate, explore the Malaysian-Java-Melanesian archipelago killing-dominating-governing indigenous people, returning home with shiploads of pepper, nutmeg, cinnamon,vanilla beans, cocoa, ginger, turmeric exotic spices that will enrich a noble class of Dutchmen coddled as entitled little merchant princes in their own childhood, who will comfortably  assume primacy in the intensely stratified Dutch social order, becoming guild masters, shipowners and merchants.  Dutch society is glued together  by memic spank- logic and groupthink worthy of termites, ants and bees.

See: Willem de Kooning “Woman” series -1951- 1953: oil paintings on canvas for physical artistic expression of daemonic rage against Dutch Mother corporal punishment historically channelled into commercial pursuits.  For study: The correlation between the re-direction of rhizomic links between a good childhood ass-whipping, commercial exploitation of indigenous peoples and the loss of Dutch colonies in Melanesia ( West Papua)  to Indonesia ( and New Orleans mining interests) in 1969.

“History followed different courses for different peoples because of differences among people’s environments not because of biological differences among peoples themselves.” – Dr. Jared Diamond in his Pulitzer Prize winning book:  Guns, Germs and Steel

The quote above sums up Jared diamond’s book Guns, Germs and Steel in a nutshell. In light of 20 years of evolutionary biology and genetics since the publication of this book in 1997, a different story is now told.  Human cultural differences, learned things ( gun making, steel making, farming, animal husbandry and the specifics of political organization, accrue in genome-proteome-RNA-ome as a result of inherited post transcriptional modifications upon nucleotides and proteins.

If the Dutch can implement the spread of corporal punishment of boys among themselves as a powerful meme that has its use in stratifying the Dutch social order i.e. keeping 90% of children as hardworking bourgeoisie, then guns, germs and steel form a meme to guide the dirty work of civilization without Diamond’s heavy reliance on geographic causality.

100,000 Dutch mothers play a key role in structuring  the Dutch socio-political hierarchy. Spanking is a behavior meme transmitted via methylated histones throughout the Dutch deme – the Dutch gene pool. During the 18th century when the practice of spanking was at its zenith in keeping Dutch men in their place in the hardworking adventurous middle of the social order, the geographical context had very little to do with it. Prof. Diamond’s environmental forces may have started the Dutch ball rolling 3,000 years prior but after that distant point in time, epigenetics assumed the role of fine-tuning Dutch society and its government of absolutist and then democratic memes,  travelling from France, England and Scotland and then France again post French Revolution as Dutch Absolutism collapsed into a mercantile democracy. The Dutch were meme-magnets for the salient new ideas of European civilization, always anxious to get on board.


Old school access to meme distributors: TV networks, major record labels, big New York publishing houses was difficult to achieve but access meant wide distribution of one’s idea. Today everyone is his/her own meme distributor. It’s hard to tell Joe Blow’s website from that of Sony Pictures or Random House. One billion people have easy access to the tools for global meme distribution but alas, you see the problem. An overcrowded memeosphere. we needed those filters to create a booklist, a dependable radio playlist, TV shows we all could watch, remember “Dobie Gillis” and “Bonanza”? News from a reliable talking head, either Huntley-Brinkley or Walter Cronkite – the news was real news. Now everyone is cocooned in their own memosphere access no one can communicate beyond their rhizomic patch of tangled connections.  We are swamped by communication theater. We are entangled in our webs of facebook friends and relatives ( relative friends that is) with a narrow, spotty, personalized newsfeed IV drip of some sort and are led to think that we are connected. Ha !  an artful swindle, swapping old school memology for the new faux meme regime. We are faux-meming at the mouth rabid starving info dogs. Of course everyone wants to see my selfie.

Question Set A:

  1. When DNA unspools after mitosis in a pool of chromatin goo, are genes from each parent present and accessible?
  2. If there is a dominant gene ( sequence of nucleotides on one of the halves of the DNA double helix) and a recessive gene floating in some neighboring goop, how does mRNA distinguish between recessive and dominant genes if mother’s DNA and father’s DNA are all mixed together in the soup? Is the info pre-coded in some RNA during mitosis or is the info coded into the two different sequences ( genes) themselves?
  3. Is genetic crossing-over related to qualities of dominance or recessiveness?
  4. A hemocyte has 46 chromosomes, 23 from mom and 23 from dad. How does the mRNA know which gene ( mom or dad) present in chromatin is the dominant one that will code the protein in question at a particular transcription event? How does mRNA get “wised up” as to which is the dominant gene?
  5. Is the dominant gene the only one of the two that gets unspooled and unpaired ( two rails of DNA ladder are separated down the middle to allow access to a row of nucleotides  from double helical strand of DNA? The other gene for the same trait remaining tightly wound up with its histones?
  6. How is a recessive gene silenced during transcription?
  7. For example: At the cochlear cell (or is it a cluster of brainstem neurons?) that governs pitch perception – mom has perfect pitch and dad is tone deaf. Is there a perfect pitch gene sent by mom at the chromatin of this cell? Is there a tone deaf gene from dad at the same cell? Is there a cochlear HOX-type gene, a bauplan controller gene that locates the placement of hair cells for reception of various pitches? example of such a gene barking orders “hair cell for middle C you go over there!  Hair cell for A above middle C you go over there!
  8. Does the human genome contain 3 billion bases or 3 billion base pairs? Since the genetic code is read from the series of bases ( series of letters ACGT)  on a strand of DNA and reading can go in 2 directions on each one of two strands, does the human genome actually have 12 billion bases available for transcription? Does DNA only get read from 5’ to 3’ and not vice versa?
  9. During meiotic recombination are entire genes swapped when swapping occurs? If entire genes are always swapped how does a gene identify itself as an entity for the recombination. What prevents only a percentage of a gene from getting swapped? If only a percentage of a gene is swapped during a recombo event might this be a source of mutation and potential evolution of a superior trait. i.e. a new gene X-prime that is shorter than X and codes for a longer pair of canine teeth ( without the extra nucleotides, the stop growing instruction is missing when transcription happens in the following cell division ( and for all of history until extinction in tar pit)

In Guns, Germs and Steel, Jared Diamond confuses species variation with species evolution. He also vastly overestimates expected rates of plant and animal evolution. As has been established in contemporary evolutionary theory, change is not usually evidence of evolution. Think of a graph of daily fluctuations of the stock market over the course of 50 years. There is an enormous amount of change but a single overall trend up or down to health or disease, survival or extinction. Several classic examples of species evolution in textbooks are not evolution at all but simple species change. See: Darwin’s Galapagos finches or Kettlewell’s peppered moth-industrial melanism. Most human initiated change in plants is trivial ( though useful) intra-species swerves that are as likely to revert to pre-human form as to survive as evolutionary improvements in the currently domesticated varieties. Humans have created freak plants removed from most age-old forces of natural selection. Change is not often evolution in the natural world and 99% of genetic change is unhealthy. Bodies of plants and animals go to great lengths to edit change OUT of the genome prior to replication.


To say that learning and memory occur in a synapse between a dendrite and an axon is like saying a million year old glacier is made of drops of water. It is true the glacier IS made of drops of water, but a lot transpires to create the perceived result.

“Synaptic plasticity requires rapid synthesis of proteins.”

“Proteins are made to order at the synapse”

“Which RNAs get translated into protein to form memory is still a mystery.”

“There are 1,000 to 3,000 mRNAs at each dendrite”

JBQ:  Are proteins synthesized at dendrite for hippocampal long-term memory storage of childhood trauma ( Dutch hairbrush across butt and thighs). Are these punishment protocols enculturated as post transcriptional modifications of nucleotides or histones or RNA or other protein molecules?  Are these “hairbrush memories” transmitted to following generation of spankee via epigenetics or must each generation of Dutch boy get spanked anew?  Is the spanking of follow-up generations simply a cultural booster or is mom starting from scratch with each new generation to instill this key social behavior she learned from her parents re: status in relation to a dominant upper class, a class that is essentially sedentary and must be fed from the hard work the spankees? Hey Hey we’re the Spankees ! Spankee and Our Gang.

How much of human development of past 20,000 years is actual genetically conserved evolution and how much is simply RNA modifications – easy come-easy go.  Humans may be at an evolutionary dead end given our measly numbers of different species-one,  opposed to 600,000 living species of arachnids and 40,000 species of fish.  We are new here on Earth and unwelcome given our record. There are one million microorganisms currently planning our extinction.

JBQ – Was the emergence of the bourgeoisie in 18th century Europe a manifestation of thermodynamic gradient reduction between Capital ( cold, darkness) and Laboring humans ( warm, light). A Capital-labor dualism similar in type to the entropic dualism between the hot sun and cold dark outer space that causes differential reduction using life forms – plant animal, microorganisms? Answer: Yes

Given that these dualities are similar, do Marshall McLuhan’s cold and hot media reflect this entropic duality?  TV is hot, books are cold a differential giving rise to information growth – information as life. Information convection caused by two different temperatures. Commie convection between Bakhunin and Marx.

Jared Diamond asserts the following as causes of European domination of less tech-savvy peoples of the Americas:

  1. Military technology and tools : guns, steel weapons, horses
  2. infectious disease thin indigenous ranks
  3. European maritime tech: shipbuilding, navigation
  4. European absolutist political organization ( monarchy)
  5. Writing for quick and detailed communication

JBQ – Are any of the above items more than cultural memes that are learned and are handed down between generations i.e. individuals tap into the pool of advantages using a hard-won, expensive education rather than absorbing their culture carrying inborn hardwired ( structuralist) intellectual  tools for art, technology and language?  Answer: Carrying a pathogenic microorganism harmful to others but not to one’s self is more than a meme – it’s a vector.  Essay topic: “Vectors versus Memes” Guns and steel are memes, germs are vectors.

Society in comfortable times is like unspooled DNA stewing in chromatin. It is diffuse, flexible, open to forces of change. In stressful times, in times of siege, society closes ranks, tightens up, assumes its form, a rigid organization suitable for transfer of hereditary information ( wars of conquest) – chromatids from chromatin.

“Stalin, a ruler directing the energy of memory” – Guy Debord

The idea of the farm is the root of property and thus of war. One must remain stationary, define an area of operation create and defend their border, become a cell with a definite membrane evolved ( devolved)  from protoplasmic wanderer-gatherer-hunter.

Question Set B:

  1. Did the intense concentrations of RNA, free-floating aminos and miscellaneous organic molecules at freezing and melting of “Snowball Earth” events ( 5 total) force the evolution of borders ( cell membranes) thus introducing the idea of private property – the idea of life itself, allowing the conflict that defines all LIVING things to begin? Cells then team up, form alliances, symbiotic relationships by intention or by force to form communities first and then hierarchies of dukedoms moving toward a world of absolutist states ruled by royal brains – higher animals, life on land, birds, mammals, apes, humans ! The cells of a tribal, hunter-gatherer society multiply into a highly stratified civilization – uncontrolled growth.
  2. What has been quicker, the spread of food production around the globe or the spread of Christianity?  What is a bigger meme, food production or Christianity? How are farming and Christianity connected? What percentage of farmers are Christians? Are food production and religion yin-yang operations? One must develop religious hierarchy to ensure the distribution of food to priests-kings and to soldiers. what is the best religion for efficient food distribution and subsequent cultural development-war making capability? Religion is war. Religion is different from war the way that ice is different than water i.e. not essentially different. War is melted religion – religion is frozen war. Another hot-cold thermodynamic gradient in search of reduction-acceleration toward entropy.
  3. Are plant pollination-seed distribution / animal collaboration a duality hardwired into specific sequences of nucleotides in each organism?  or is this partnership simply a function of RNA activity or post transcriptional modifications that are heritable?
  4. What is the ratio of living organisms changing one another’s selective conditions for evolution-extinction and the inanimate world changing selective conditions via weather patterns, continent formation-deformation, ice ages, comet impact etc. Is this ratio 50-50 or 90-10 ?
  5. Are germination inhibitors at seed plants post transcriptional modifications or are they coded by genes?
  6. What were the effects of the ancient ( 10,000 years ago) rodent feces bacteriome-virome on human health? Rat virome effects on human gut microorganisms in relation to  digestion, immune system function. When humans began farming and storing grain and attracting rodents to human habitation were there positive results? we know of bubonic plague. Did rats make humans more intelligent? were humans better wayfinders after rodent collusion-collision-cohabitation? Did segments of rat neuronal DNA find their way into the human genome? We know they did. which ones? What useful  neuron DNA or RNA did humans receive from their domesticated animals and plants? Did dairy products and beef make humans more intelligent by accelerating neural electrical transmission due to better insulation at myelin sheath? was there ANY evolutionary genetic advantage from human relationship to plants and animals other than nutrition and obvious memic developments such as civics, urban planning, war-making?
  7. Is  industrial melanism (seen in Kettlewell’s peppered moth observations recorded for textbook posterity in his doctored photos in mid 1950s as classic example of Darwinian natural selection) a result of genetic mutation thus Darwinian, as asserted by Sewall Wright or the result of epigenetics?  – inheritance of an acquired characteristic thus Lamarckian NOT Darwinian? If it turns out that Kettlewell’s theory holds water despite his fraudulent photo and moth gluing onto tree bark, I vote for epigenetics due to superficiality of this variety-making that is not evolution, remember the stock market graph.  It is odd that Jared Diamond would use this raggedy, much debated, sloppy science as an example of evolution in his book.

Conclusion:  Is the Dutch Hairbrush a vector or a meme? genetic or epigenetic? Is beating one’s children learned or inbred behavior? Are efforts to control the destiny of children by interfering with their self-esteem ultimately productive? Is there a difference between immediate and ultimate productivity? Something workable in the 18th century is no longer necessary, there is room in the contemporary Dutch social order for everyone to excel, to rise into the middle class somewhere.  Forms of soul-killing have their uses in maintaining status quo of religion and social order. Let the rich brats get away with murder and satisfy their every whim. They will grow into adults expecting royal treatment. A nation of arrogant unspanked asses.  See: Fifty Shades of Gray for upper class predilection for ass spanking for hire. Spare the hairbrush and the sickness of stifled potential.


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Sinatra Syndrome

“And now, the end is near, and so I face the final curtain

My friend, I’ll say it clear, I’ll state my case, of which I’m certain

I’ve lived a life that’s full, I’ve travelled each and every highway

and more, much more than this, I did it my way.”

First verse of “My Way” music: Claude Francois and Jacques Revaux – lyrics: Paul AnkaSecond most covered song in history after “Yesterday”-The Beatles-Paul McCartney

The code for doing things “My Way” in every cell in any organism is contained in the DNA. The actual doing, the acting, the making, the action component during cell life is RNA. DNA lies in its mass of chromatin goo inside the cell nucleus,  like a partially gutted fat worm while RNA does most of the work outside the nuclear membrane in the cytoplasm.  DNA is the deep brains of the outfit doing things “My Way”

Sinatra Syndrome:  A condition of annoyance at confusion observed in other scientists who do not see the matter “My Way”


  1. Stephen Jay Gould railing against dogma-bound neo darwinists who fail to acknowledge the obvious phenomenon of punctuated equilibrium so clearly visible in the work of Gould and his colleague Niles Eldredge. Gould’s point is that Darwin’s idea that species evolve gradually over vast eons does not hold up in light of lots of evidence to the contrary.
  2. Lynn Margulis railing against these same neo darwinists who failed for many years to acknowledge the fact of speciation by symbiosis rather than genetic mutation-natural selection as Central Dogmatists would have it using Mendel and Watson-Crick to flesh out the Darwin theory of evolution. Professor Margulis’ idea of symbiosis also covers the idea of cell complexity resulting from symbiosis rather than genetic mutation using the unique genetics of each cell’s mitochondria that is distinct from the nuclear genome of an animal cell.

“Positivism asserts that all authentic knowledge allows verification and that all authentic knowledge assumes that the only valid knowledge is scientific.” – Auguste Comte

Positivism-Key Features:

  1. A focus on science as a product, a linguistic or numerical set of statements.
  2. A concern with axiomatization, that is, with demonstrating the logical structure and coherence of these statements.
  3. An insistence on at least some of these statements being testable, amenable to being verified, confirmed or shown to be false by the empirical observation of reality.
  4. The belief that science is cumulative
  5. The belief that science is trans-cultural
  6. The belief that science is not associated with personality or social position of the investigator.
  7. The belief that science may incorporate new ideas discontinuous from old ones.
  8. The belief in the unity of science, that underlying various disciplines, there is one science about the real world.
  9. The belief that science is nature and nature is science and out of this duality all theories and postulates are created, interpreted, evolve and are applied.
  10. The belief that all things are ultimately measurable.
  11. The belief that entities of one kind are reducible to entities of another: societies to individuals, mental events to neural phenomena.
  12. The belief that processes are reducible to physiological, physical, or chemical events.
  13. The belief that social processes are reducible to relationships between and actions of individuals.
  14. The belief that biological organisms are reducible to physical systems.
  15. The belief that natural science and social science are members of the same genre.

Our social order gave the medical profession power over the mentally ill in the early 19th century when a medical certificate became mandatory for confinement. No one ever relinquishes power, it must be torn away by revolution or dissolved by humiliation.

RE: French Postmodern philosophy – Debord’s “Spectacle” Deleuze and Guattari’s “Rhizomatic Network” Baudrillard’s “Simulacrum” are the same thing. The weltanschauung-zeitgeist of our contemporary culture of the commodity.

The human neocortex is a personal device used to tap into an array of cultural programs prepared by history; programs of language, religion, philosophy, kinship, science, art, law, etc. The neocortex also has a little-used capacity to feedback into these programmed systems and change them. You get brainwashed by movies but you can also write a screenplay. The culture needs more from you than your purchasing pattern and your daily use of public utilities and infrastructure. You signify in the culture by default by your physical presence but you can also signify by launching a social-political revolution.

The combined complexity of all 20th, 21st technology from microprocessors to jet engines and mars landers amounts to one billionth the sophistication of a single one of a million species of invisible bacteria. We think we are such hot stuff and that we are smart enough to continue to poison the planet and get away with it. The stinkiest bacterium outshines all human creations by a power of 7.


  1. Is the RNA at the ribosomes in kupffer cells ( at liver) identical throughout 1,000 ribosomes in a single kupffer cells?
  2. Does the RNA-eome ( genome, proteome) at ribosomes in hepatocytes correlate to the proteins made in this cell type?
  3. Are there 500 different types of RNA in the mammal liver one for each of 500 liver functions?  Are there 500 varieties of ribosome in the liver or do ribosomes perform multiple duties?
  4. Does messenger RNA copy exactly – base for base at nucleotide string at separated DNA strand in the nucleus or does it record the opposite nucleotide? i.e. A to A or is it A to T?
  5. Do nuclear pores open and close to allow passage of tRNA or are these pores always open i.e. the same diameter?
  6. At what point in embryo development does RNA begin its work of cell-specific synthesis? The hepatocytes in the developing liver specifically.
  7. Is RNA carried separately from DNA in sperm at fertilization?  Yes, there are thousands of types of RNA in the sperm outside of the paternal haplotype sperm chromosomes at fertilization that carry a wide array of genetic information into the new life independent of DNA or even epigenetically modified DNA.
  8. Perhaps the methylation of uracil at RNA forms TTT memory ( traumatic transmission of bad memories across generations as at Holocaust survivor to child) and this methylated RNA is inherited transgenerationally.

One of the great ironies of the 20th century was JFK’s great speechwriter Ted Sorensen writing the eulogy delivered by JFK’s purported assassination conspirator LBJ at JFK’s funeral.  Smooth transition indeed. Did either JFK or LBJ do “it” their way?


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