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Stalin Cools Commies

Stalin didn’t give a damn about communism.  Some considered him a double-agent for the Czar.  He kept silent about his true allegiance and controlled the communist party as a grand infiltrator.  He was alarmed when party hardliners began to complain about his wavering dedication to communist principles.  Stalin killed the party leadership during his purge of 1938.  When Senator Joseph McCarthy began harassing communists in the U.S. in the early nineteen fifties, Stalin’s communists had been dead for fifteen years.

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Black Slavery – 1930

The north did indeed want to free blacks and were willing to fight the Civil War to do it but not necessarily to make  blacks any better off but, as it turned out, to free up a very large, lucrative and mobile labor pool.  Once the slaves were free of southern aristocratic plantation owners the men could be delivered into northern owned steel, limestone, timber and real estate development operations (road building) throughout the South via sheriffs, judges, labor brokers.  The “freed” black was still enslaved in the south but now working for Northern owned interests.  This was a classic Marxian re-distribution of an inefficient labor force.  Such economy-based redistributions are at the root of all revolutions according to Marxist theory.
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