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Big Blender – Dick Cheney

If you took every adult in the United States and put them in a big  blender and turned it to puree, the substance you would draw off would be pure Dick Cheney ( the foam would be Sarah Palin)  Dick Cheney rose to prominence as the former most influential individual in the country for at least eight years.  He is the embodiment of all Americans including the populous silent majority – the warm, dark matter,  along with all of the pretty people we see on television, in the movies and in glossy magazines.  If you are uncomfortable with this you might stop using petroleum products ie stop being an American.  You say Cheney is mean spirited?  The most friendly of us are a single degree of separation from violence, meanness and greed.  Conservatives are not as shy about this as liberals.

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Twenty Year Plan – most recent

Twenty Year Plan (the past twenty years)
A master plan to screw Americans eleven ways from Sunday:
1.  The Bum’s Rush – Financial leaders convincing politicians to hurry hurry hurry the trillion dollar bailout.  No time! No time! See corollary bum’s rush into terror wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
2.  Fatten Us Up – Produce high fructose, high fat, high salt processed food and sell it ubiquitously and cheap.
3.  Drug Us into a Stupor:  Using bovine pharmaceuticals as a drug delivery system to humans making us  sleepy and cranky.
4.  Invite too many to the real estate party.  Invite all working Americans who can fog a mirror to own a home.  Re-structure government regulation and banking, finance and mortgage industries to facilitate this massive ruse.  Fleece a generation of lower-middle class Americans of every penny they can beg, borrow, steal for three or four years then take their homes away and sell them to another population of  dreamers.  Repeat as required until an entire class of American citizens has been devastated, their American dream shattered.  Note that these offending institutions are publicly owned and controlled by a large percentage of foreign capital i.e. people who don’t give a rat’s ass about the American people.
5.  Allow huge agribusiness enterprises (also publicly owned – see above) to buy up small farms all across America sending small farmers into the now marginal industrial sector.
6.  Allow gargantuan box retail enterprises to collude with the Chinese to drive all locally-owned hardware stores, household goods stores out of business.
7.  Allow / encourage white collar job drain to India
8.  Allow banks to charge phenomenal interest and banking fees.
9.  Allow health care conglomerates to assign themselves a middleman role in health care delivery draining billions of dollars away from patients and doctors
10.  Privatization of water – the sale of local utilities to foreign financial entities.
11.  Create an all-volunteer military that victimizes a lower class – the same class that is getting reamed by banks.
Of the people, by the people for the people?  Run that by me again.

Americans are no longer comfortable with its royal court, the New York financial industry, that dominates our elected representatives.

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